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Either if we are talking about a simple insulation and carpeting on the back of your van or a fully equipped day van/ campervan, here is the place were you can find the best solution for your needs.We can use our materials as well as your materials if you have them already, in which case you will pay only for the labour .We are using only insurance approved materials, fire retardant, in compliance with C.E. regulations, in this respect at the end of the job you will receive the warranty certificate for used materials.Job description:- The interior of the van will be striped off, cleaned, if the floor will show any sort of rust this will be sorted, a coat of sealant paint will be applied on the floor from under the dashboard to the rear including the rear arches and in the middle doors lower rails cavities. - Insulation of the roof and the walls,- Building the wiring of all the electrical appliances,- Fitting the roof lining,- Fitting the carpet on the sides,- front cabin carpet.- Hard wearing Altro vinyl in the back of the van,- The colour of all the materials will be chosen by you, at the time when you will drop the van to us, along with the rest of the standard, the job will have:- 6 bright spot lights LEDs on the roof lining,- 4 mini blue lights LEDs on the roof lining,- 2 mini blue spot lights LEDs at the back of the front seat bases which will turn on when open the middle doors,- 2 mini blue spot lights LEDs under the dashboard illuminating the passenger and driver footwall, which will turn on when open the front doors,- Mercedes Benz logo lights in the front doors cards which will illuminate when the front doors are opened.-2 lights in the boot area which will illuminate when the boot is opened.- Split charge relay and a leisure battery, located under the driver seat, 3 x USB plug, a regular power inverter for 220 v appliances,- 2 storage compartments at the rear of the van, one each side behind the rear arches for first medical aid and vehicle maintenance bits .- New air vents in the dash board and new central console, front doors inner handle and opener surround painted in your choice of colour.- As you will see in the pictures, everything is adaptable on the interior up to your needs or pleasure, details which will be arranged before starting the job.10 days execution time. Early booking is necessary and recommended.Base price for this job is 1850 pounds.extra's:- front electric leather heated seats- swivel mechanism- r&r bed, 2 or 3 seatbelts,- central locking,- and many other gadgets, just ask.thank you for taking the time to read our listing and until we meet,all the very best from VITOEXPERTS TEAM