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 If you own a Vito or you want to enter in the Vito owners circle, then, you are in the right place.

In our garage you will find answers and solutions for most of the current issues which may appear during the ownership of a Vito, mk 1 or mk2.

This listing is referring mainly to our refurbish-restoration process , which improved with every job in the last 5 years and had helped us to offer a high quality finished product to our clients.

Obviously, the main enemy , the rust, is the most important aspect of the process, for which we had and we will listen to every feedback coming from our customers,

and we will continue to find new ways on treating and preventing it to appear/reappear after the job.

In this respect, the level of TLC from you, in the years after the restoration process along with a yearly visit to us or to your local garage,

will make a difference in how the ''new re-born Vito'' will look in 10 years time.

Job description:

- once the basic specification have been set, we will start by striping it off except for the front cabin area, the engine, the propshaft or rear braking, driving or suspension assembly, because on mk2 models the rust hasn't penetrate yet due to less years on the road, that bad as in mk1 case.

- finding and sorting the rust from across the body , mainly on the rear arches and the sills. The front wings usually will come out for sorting the inner wings , which are rusty .

- the engine bay will be cleaned , rusted/rotten areas sorted and will benefit of 2 steps rust treatment and protection process.

- the under the van with the inner/outer sills, will take around 5 days of intensive work and treatments, for a fully sealed and rust free, under the van.

- you will get more details about this process while you are here, in a short visit or in the booked day.

- about the panels, every time we will use the best panels at hand, usually from our stock if yours are too battered, free of charge as any other bits and bobs.

- during the job, all broken, damaged or not functional electrics, plastics, locks, trims , cables, small bits and bobs , will be replaced from our stock - free of charge, except if new parts are needed or required by you.

- the paint job.

the body along with the panels, bumpers and all plastic trims will be primed and sprayed individual, colour coded. We can help on giving you some advices but you will decide in what colour the Vito will be sprayed

We can do, included in the base price, any sort of paint or colour , non metallic, metallic, or pearlescent as long as the colour is a standard paint. for special paints, as 2 or 3 tones colours, thermic paint or any other special paints, there, will be an added cost.

- after the paint job, just like a Lego toy , everything will be fitted back, checked, tested and aligned for 100% functionality and appearance, rest assured that the rust will be kept at bay for few good years.

The standard job as described above, will have a price of 3450 pounds, cash or bank transfer, half of it at the starting of the job and balance when the job is finished.

If no other requirements from your side , there will be no added charges, the price agreed will be the price paid.

Execution time, from 1 to 3 months, depends on the complexity of the job, but a certain level of patience from you will help us achieve a good and durable result.

During the job you can come to visit us anytime but you will have anyway updates with every step so you will know what has been done before covering everything with paint.

With this job you can chose from a wide range of upgrades and/or modifications as follow:

- body kit

- front seats replacement, leather, electric, heated....

- electric windows

- central locking

- reverse camera

- audio systems

- roof mounted DVD

- extra seats in the back

- lowered springs

- uprated braking system

- alloys,

- master service, which will bring the mechanical side of the Vito next to factory condition.

- Mot test

- regular service or full service,

- black death on the injectors or limp mode can be also sorted.

- any other mechanical works.

and many other extra's , just ask.

Probably you'll still have few questions, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

thank you for taking the time to read the listing and until we'll meet ,

we wish you all the best from